With a broad range of functionality, including electronic prescribing of controlled substances, formulary benefits support including cost and coverage status, and medication history tracking, RxTracker empowers physicians to save time and prescribe with ease, according to their unique workflows.

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Reliable Medication Care Guidance

RxTracker automates and simplifies the ePrescribing process by:

  • Integrating multiple medication lists from multiple sources 

  • Checking a patient’s formulary before prescribing to ensure coverage 

  • Submitting the order via the appropriate method 

RxTracker also provides medication care guidelines, including drug screening for interactions, allergy conflicts, duplicate therapies, dosage range checks, and more, at the most appropriate segment to guide users through the entire process.

Expert Medication Ordering

From the moment clinicians begin to prescribe, RxTracker leverages the power of pre-constructed med orders in FDB OrderKnowledge®, giving users instant access to the most clinically relevant orders, such as medication formulations and doses for a pediatric patient or setting.  

This keeps lists short, and clicking and scrolling to a minimum. For patient-specific dosing beyond age and weight, clinicians also have the option to consider renal or hepatic impairment and make immediate adjustments. Users can also create a list of favorite sigs for future use, and RxTracker will automatically save and learn from each user’s prescribing patterns, creating favorites for common tasks.

Integrated Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) 

RxTracker consolidates and automates the electronic prescription process for all medications, including controlled substances. If a patient is taking a combination of controlled and non-controlled substances, users can create one medication list, and RxTracker will automatically manage the details. 

Fully compliant with Meaningful Use (MU) and all state and federal regulations, RxTracker leverages the FDB State and Federal Module Controlled Substances Module™ (including the most current State and Federal DEA schedules), and provides flexible two-factor authentication options for identity proofing. 

Efficient Medication History 

RxTracker provides medication history information intake functionality via Surescripts® and other sources to facilitate medication reconciliation and enhance communication at every level of patient care. All medication history information that enters the system is converted to a format compatible with existing EHRs. 



Flexible Integration Options and Customizable Configurations 

Flexible options are available for RxTracker integration including: 

  • Context Sharing (user login/patient context sharing to web application for completion) 

  • Integrated UI Component (with EMR system look/feel applied as desired) 

  • Web Services (for checks, Rx processing, inbound message processing) 


Additional Specifications 

  • Single Sign On (SSO) linked web application 

  • On-premises or fully SaaS supported 

  • Multiple export/import options (HL7, XML, CDA) 

  • Ability to translate medications from any source (codes originating from FDB; as well as non-FDB drug compendia, NDCs, RxNorm, etc.)  to a fully-prescribable medication 

  • Metrics/reporting/auditing