You’re in healthcare.
We’re in healthcare.
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Together we’re shaping the future of healthcare every day.

Our question is: how do you do it? How do you care?

Juno EHR cares by providing a thoughtful user experience that empowers you to perform at your best, and focus on what matters most.

But that’s just the beginning. Scroll down and check out a few more ways #JunoCares.

Bet we have a few cares in common.


Juno cares about giving you the freedom to click less and smile more. 

Juno cares about offering an industry-leading 20 FHIR APIs.  

Juno cares about the regular observance of Taco Tuesday. 

Juno cares about ensuring everyone is on track with immunizations.  

Juno cares about not interrupting your workflow. 

Juno cares about remaining on the cutting edge of healthcare technology.  

Juno cares about saving you the burden of IT staffing and data storage.  

Juno cares about Tony, Steve, Bruce and Thor.  

Juno cares about providing the right data at the right time. 

Juno cares about keeping patients close with our common patient banner.  

Juno cares about protecting your financial well-being. 

Juno cares about doing everything on one screen. 

Juno cares about actually achieving those #SquadGoals.

Juno cares about making pharmacy checks quicker and easier. 

Juno cares about providing the training you need to succeed. 

Juno cares about streamlining your navigation. 

Juno cares about giving you plenty of room to grow.  

Juno cares about keeping your data secure. 

Juno cares about working from the cloud.  

Juno cares about interoperability.  

Juno cares about enjoying Happy Hour. Cheers. 

Juno cares about keeping critical patient information where you can see it. 

Juno cares about automated clinical documentation.  

Juno cares about staying current with changing requirements.  

Juno cares about ensuring allergy assessments.  

Juno cares about automatically connecting to immunization registries.  

Juno cares that you’re running a hospital, not a data center. 

Juno cares about delivering a successful implementation. 

Juno cares about the long wait for football season. We’re in this together.  

Juno cares about giving you back more time to spend with patients. 



How do you care?

What drives you? What do you do to make healthcare a little better each day? Do you create more one-on-one time with patients? Pursue the latest advances in technology? Maximize your workflow efficiency? Whatever it is, we want to know.

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