Thoughtfully designed by experienced healthcare professionals, Juno EHR will meet your needs today, with plenty of room to grow and evolve as you do. Juno keeps things quick and simple, improving clinical quality and patient access and engagement, all while protecting your bottom line.


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Have you ever heard of a thoughtful EHR?


You don’t have time to struggle with an EHR. With our thoughtful UI, Juno puts the data you need right at your fingertips, with fewer clicks.  


Few workflows are exactly alike, so EHR flexibility is key. With Juno you can create additional fields, and define and link fields to code sets, to stay current with changing requirements and advancements in technology.  



With over 20 FHIR APIs and counting, Juno is built to meet your needs today, with plenty of room to grow and evolve as you do. Our cloud-based infrastructure keeps your data secure and up-to-date.  


Providing the best healthcare demands financial strength. Juno offers the advanced functions, features and innovation you want, with the value you need to protect your bottom line.   



The Juno Cares Promise 

One in five EHR implementations fails.

That’s why Juno is committed to your success.

We provide the implementation, training, and support you need to succeed from day one. Our experts will be there every step of the way to ensure things work as promised, and that you and your organization can proceed with confidence. Juno EHR works for you – freeing you to focus on what matters.



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