Juno EHR: Finally Delivering on the Promise of Electronic Health Records

When it comes to over-promising and under delivering in the medical field, it’s hard to beat electronic health records (EHRs). Broadly introduced over a decade ago, they were supposed to usher in a new age of medical accuracy and efficiencies. Not only have they mostly failed in that high level goal, EHRs are also causing problems that hurt the quality of care being delivered to patients.

For example, NBC ran a recent story which highlighted how 70 percent or more of EHRs in this country contain errors, and how that contributes to over 250,000 deaths due to medical mistakes each year. WebMD reported on a survey that showed 71 percent of doctors who used EHRs reported that they cause stress and get in the way of patient care, mostly due to their “one size fits all” design.

Current EHRs aren’t delivering on the promise, and that’s why DSS introduced Juno EHR.  Juno is an open architecture, cloud based EHR designed by experienced healthcare professionals. Juno provides clients with a single, comprehensive system for managing everything from patient access to clinical documentation and many other administrative functions, all built on a foundation of accurate, hassle-free flexibility.

Juno’s flexibility unlocks the potential of EHRs. This flexibility is expressed in three main ways – functionality, deployment and future proofing.


Juno EHR provides functional flexibility far beyond order entry and documentation. This functionality includes patient access and engagement, clinician documentation like flowsheets, actionable task lists, and ED management, pharmacy management, laboratory ordering and much more. Juno’s open technology allows for seamless integration with existing client modules – which means no new processes to learn, and no loss of existing applications. Juno’s streamlined navigation means improved data access and better patient car. Juno reduces stress, rather than causing it. 


Easily paired with cloud-based web and mobile technologies, Juno EHR is an excellent choice for facilities that need to replace or upgrade their current enterprise EHR but lack financial flexibility. Additionally, cloud-based infrastructure keeps Juno client data secure and up-to-date without requiring large IT staffs or on premises data stores.

Future Proofing

Juno is designed with upcoming 5G technology in mind, and is built to allow clients to use this advanced technology when available. Also, while support for many regulatory and certification standards are built into Juno natively, the solution also allows for clients to define their own structured, codified data elements to meet any future needs. Juno can adapt to changing regulatory requirements and technology advances far more easily than traditional EHRs.

Flexibility is central to the vision behind Juno.  We will be officially introducing Juno EHR at HIMSS 2019 in booth #5559. Be sure to come by and learn more about how DSS is finally delivering on the promise of EHRs.

To learn more about Juno, please click here.

Ryan Pfister