Juno EHR

You Care for Your Patients.

Juno Cares for You.

Juno EHR is designed to empower clinicians to perform at their best, leading to better patient outcomes in Acute Care, Behavioral Health and Public Health.


Juno understands that less time learning and navigating your EHR system means more time focused on patients. Built on the top-rated most usable EHR in its class, Juno EHR enables everyone to perform at their best across the continuum of care.


Incorporating a new EHR system can be painful. Juno understands that some facilities might be hesitant to change if it means giving up an existing solution that works. Designed with interoperability in mind, Juno EHR integrates seamlessly with your existing system, putting our solutions to work for you – not the other way around.


Hackers can threaten a whole lot more than your EHR system. Juno understands that if your system is under attack, so are your patients. With unparalleled security and uptime reliability, Juno offers the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your system are protected.


Juno understands that clinicians are the heart of healthcare. Better patient outcomes rely largely on the effectiveness of the clinicians who care for them. And clinicians rely heavily on the effectiveness of their EHR solution. Juno EHR is designed to empower clinicians by providing the right information wherever and whenever they need it.

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