Maria C.


Before joining DSS, Maria worked on the other side of the industry.

After years working with different EHR products as a client, she saw an opportunity at DSS to put her unique perspective to use. Early on, she also on saw an opportunity to expand that perspective. 

“My manager brought the continuing education program to my attention pretty quickly,” says Maria. “He helped guide my decisions in what to pursue, in order to maximize my knowledge and skillsets.”  

Though she began her career at DSS as a trainer on the Federal side, it became clear to Maria that she could make an impact on the Commercial side, and quickly made her move. Today she serves as Product Line Manager for Juno EHR, overseeing projects assigned to the Clinical Team. She’s very happy, but open to future opportunities she’s confident will come along. 

“You’re not just another employee here,” says Maria. “I’m far from the only person invested in my professional growth. Everyone from my managers to my coworkers care, and it’s exciting to know we’re all growing together.” 


David G.


As graduation approached, David didn’t just want to find a job. He wanted to make a difference.

After speaking with several tech companies at a college career fair, DSS stood out. “DSS asked me what I wanted to do. I told them I wanted to do something purposeful. Something that mattered. They knew exactly what I was talking about.” 

David applied and was soon hired as a Junior Software Engineer. He started at DSS wanting to expand his technical skills, but also his communication skills, and grow into an impactful, innovative software developer. DSS delivered across the board.

“There’s a real emphasis on growth here,” says David. “When I have questions, someone is always there with the answer, including peers. We’re all in this together.” 

Now a full Software Engineer, David feels primed to continue growing, creating healthcare solutions that make a positive impact and improve the lives of those who need it most. “I had a dream to do something purposeful. Now, thanks to DSS, I’m living it every day.” 


Yolanda Brown


DSS has enjoyed a long and healthy relationship with the VA, and Yolanda would know – she used to work there.

A proud Veteran herself, Yolanda served as HIM Supervisor at the West Palm Beach VA, eventually becoming a test site for DSS products. She quickly became friends with a DSS QA analyst, who provided insight into working for DSS. “I wanted to expand my knowledge and gain experience in the world of healthcare technology,” says Yolanda. “But I didn’t want to give up my responsibility to serve my fellow Veterans. At DSS, I am able to do both.” 

After experiencing the benefits of DSS solutions from the customer’s side, Yolanda joined DSS with a desire to help build and improve these solutions herself. She started as a QA Analyst working on the same applications she used at the VA. With thorough on-the-job training, and by leveraging continuing education opportunities, Yolanda developed the skills necessary to assume her current role, Project Coordinator. 

“My future is bright here,” says Yolanda. “Ever since I started at DSS, people tell me how happy I look. And I always enjoy explaining why. Of course, I’ve referred a few of these people to the company.”


Scott P.


“I was fresh out of college, wanting not only to go to work, but to do work that matters.”  

At DSS, Scott discovered a healthcare technology company that provided him the unique opportunity he’d been looking for. “Serving America’s Veterans is an honor,” says Scott. “But it goes beyond that. Our solutions help many other underserved populations.” Specifically, he was excited to build solutions to improve mental/behavioral health and public health institutions. 

Scott’s more immediate goal at the company was to expand his knowledge as a Software Engineer, and learn as much as he could about the evolving healthcare technology landscape. DSS delivered, with key mentors and continuing opportunities that always kept Scott’s eyes on the future. One of these opportunities was quite unexpected.  Early on, he was offered a Junior Architect position. “For someone with my experience at the time, this was unheard of,” he says. “But the role came with the mentoring and support I needed to succeed and continue to grow. That’s when I knew I could really be somebody at DSS.”  

What does the future hold at DSS for Scott? According to him, the sky is the limit. “In my role, I never know exactly what tomorrow will bring,” he says. “But after so many fulfilling years at DSS, I know I’m moving toward bigger and better things.”   


Khatera A.


“At every job I’ve ever had, I’ve always asked how to get where I want to go. DSS is the only place that always has an answer.”

Relocating from Virginia to Florida, Khatera hoped to get back into a QA role. At DSS she found this and so much more. Within a year of her hire, Khatera was promoted to Senior, and then Lead QA Analyst. DSS empowered her to pursue a CSQA certification, which led to another promotion to Project Manager, and eventually QA Manager.

“It was all very exciting, and happened so fast,” says Khatera, who attributes much of her rapid professional growth to her many mentors within the company.  

Before long, Khatera was ready to pursue a new ambition. And DSS delivered. Now a Software Engineer, she hopes to gain additional certifications and knowledge in developing cutting edge healthcare solutions.  

September will mark her nine year anniversary with the company.  


Lydia W.


After retiring from the Army, Lydia craved a new challenge.

She found one at DSS. After accepting a position as a trainer for CyberREN, DSS’ renal care application, it wasn’t long before she heard opportunity knocking. 

“During my new hire orientation, it clicked,” says Lydia. “There were so many employees with stories about starting at the bottom and going on to achieve exciting things. From that point on I intended to be one of them.” 

From day one, Lydia enjoyed having an opportunity to work with the VA and give back to her fellow Veterans. She also plans to take advantage of DSS’ rich continuing education program, which was another significant factor in her decision to join the company. 

“I’m always learning, growing, experiencing new things,” says Lydia. “And I’m not an exception. That’s just how it works at DSS.”