LiveData PeriOp Manager

Surgery-related “never events” continue to occur often and with costly results to both patients and hospitals, despite increased efforts across the healthcare community to eliminate them. As such, surgeons must have access to the right data in the right place at the right time in order to achieve better surgical outcomes.

DSS LiveData PeriOp Manager™ comprises six modules that can be leveraged individually or collectively to integrate real-time data with workflow automation. Our solution enables surgeons to efficiently coordinate and manage the delivery of high-quality surgical care.

LiveData PeriOp Manager Modules include:

  • LiveData PeriOp Planner™: A scheduling workflow solution that visually coordinates the patient’s steps from referral through preparation to scheduling
  • LiveData OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time-Out®: Enhance surgical workflows
  • LiveData OR-Schedule Board™: Track daily caseloads across multiple platforms in real time
  • LiveData PreOp Board™: Provides a dynamic, digital checklist of patient preparation for surgery
  • LiveData Patient Flow™ and LiveData Family Waiting Board™: Provide patient updates to family members
  • LiveData PeriOp Manager Analytics™: Leverage big data to assess and improve care quality

LiveData PeriOp Manager Key Benefits at a Glance

LiveData PeriOp Manager modules help hospitals manage, track and improve surgical performance in the following areas:

Access to Care

  • Coordinates and improves access to care
  • Drives performance and efficiency
  • Provides data to measure quality and outcomes
  • Improves the patient experience of care

Patient Safety

  • Reduces or eliminates the occurrence of “never events”
  • Achieves consistent, durable surgical time-outs
  • Tracks and reports patient safety initiatives

Surgical Throughput, Utilization and Efficiency

  • Increases first case on-time starts
  • Improves turnover time
  • Enhances operating room utilization
  • Reduces unplanned overtime

Surgical Quality of Care

  • Improves patient satisfaction
  • Enhances team communication
  • Improves compliance with VASQIP, SCIP and CMS VBP

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