Dental Record Manager Plus

One obstacle that limits healthcare technology adoption in the dental industry has been the lack of certified EHRs available that provide diagnostic, therapeutic and decision support functionality specific to the practice of dentistry. That’s where DSS Dental Record Manager (DRM) Plus comes in, making it possible for dentists to leverage EHR technology.

DRM Plus is a graphical user interface (GUI) system that integrates with VistA and vxVistA EHR systems to provide a single platform for the entry of patient dental information. VA medical facilities around the country have leveraged DRM Plus for more than 10 years to document dental patient encounters. Additionally, DSS developed vxDRM Plus for non-VA hospitals and clinics that have deployed vxVistA.

DRM Plus and vxDRM Plus Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Captures meaningful data from patient encounters electronically
  • Enhances dental treatment planning and data capture
  • Enables electronic entry of diagnostic findings, treatment plan procedures and patient- and tooth-specifi­c notes
  • Provides a comprehensive view of patient health records that includes medical and dental information

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