Encoder Product Suite (EPS)

The long-term financial viability of hospitals and medical facilities depends largely on their ability to accurately code and bill for services rendered to patients. Technology specifically designed to automate the revenue cycle management process can help organizations —regardless of size or specialty — achieve auditing and coding compliance, reduce billing errors and increase reimbursements.

Teaming with Nuance, EPS is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution that helps streamline inpatient reporting, auditing compliance and coding compliance workflows. EPS includes four modules:

  • VIP Director: A flexible inpatient reporting management tool
  • VIP Workplace: A single platform that captures inpatient coding activity and performs real-time coding compliance checks for all inpatient encounters
  • Audit Compliance: A robust auditing tool with functionality for generating coding, billing, accounts receivable, compliance and VERA reports
  • Coding Compliance: A suite of coding tools, including nCoder, E&M Calculator and Billing and more, contained within a single interface for making edits in real time

EPS Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Streamlines billing, coding and auditing workflows
  • Provides a single point of access to all coding resources
  • Reduces coding errors and potential revenue losses
  • Enables coders to self-review work in real time

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