This EHR Module is ONC 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by Drummond Group, an ONC-ACB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

170.315 (a)(10): Drug-Formulary and Preferred Drug List Checks

170.315 (b)(3): Electronic Prescribing

170.315 (d)(1): Authentication, Access Control, Authorization

170.315 (d)(2): Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance

170.315 (d)(3): Audit Report(s)

170.315 (d)(4): Amendments

170.315 (d)(5): Automatic Access Time-out

170.315 (d)(6): Emergency Access

170.315 (d)(7): End-User Device Encryption

170.315 (d)(8): Integrity

170.315 (g)(3): Safety-Enhanced Design

170.315 (g)(4): Quality Management System

170.315 (g)(5): Accessibility-Centered Design

Additional Software

  • FDB MedKnowledge™ drug database

  • FDB OrderKnowledge® drug database

Costs Disclosures

DSS, Inc. charges an annual or other periodic frequency, RxTracker software license fee typically determined by the size of the institution or the number of users along with charges an annual maintenance cost which includes support and regular software upgrades. Additional annual subscription fees for each Authorized Users will apply for identity proofing requirements.

In addition to these, DSS, Inc. may also charge for:

  • Implementation fees – determined by the size/scope of the project

  • Interface fees – determined by the number and types of interfaces

Additional fees that the client may need to purchase/license separately could include:

  • Additional hardware if needed by the client in order to host the application on-premises

  • 3rd party interfaces needed by the client’s EHR to exchange data with RxTracker

Limitations Disclosures

  • Clients who host the application on premises must have reliable internet connectivity in order to send Surescripts e-prescribing transactions. There is currently no queueing of electronic (Surescripts) prescriptions, so that if there is a loss of internet connectivity, prescriptions must be printed. For clients that host DSS, Inc. RxTracker on-premises, DSS, Inc. is unable to guarantee application uptime because of limitations that may be imposed by or due to the client’s own infrastructure and network.

  • Although DSS, Inc. RxTracker can be used on mobile devices with an internet browser, there is currently no native iOS or Android support.