DSS and our partners work closely with VA Integrated Business Teams tasked to deliver high quality programs and services to Veterans.

We assist VA in meeting top initiatives, changing regulatory requirements, and implementing enhanced business processes that support clinical, financial, logistical and administrative objectives, for better Veteran outcomes.

Leveraging industry best practices, DSS complies with VA Office of Information & Technology (OI&T) standards, such as Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA), Technical Reference Model (TRM), and Veteran-focus Integrated Process (VIP). This ensures our turn-key commercial products are ‘Class 1 Ready’ and meet all technical and functional requirements.


Solutions Across the VA Enterprise (EXPAND)




Improve SAIL metrics for infection rates, readmissions, length of stay, and disease-specific care. 

Join over 50 VAMCs and 1200 hospital systems that use TheraDoc to aggregate disparate EHR data in real-time for targeted surveillance.  

  • Healthcare Associated Infections / Infectious Disease 

  • Antibiotic Utilization and Resistance / Antimicrobial Stewardship  

  • The Opioid Crisis and Veteran Suicidality



A System of Engagement to optimize surgical workflows.

LiveData Periop Manager provides hospitals and surgeons with the tools to better manage, track and improve surgical performance. Six modules can be leveraged individually or collectively to integrate real-time data with workflow automation.

  • Provides systems modernization with a best of breed solution bi-directionally integrated with VA’s current and future electronic health record

  • Improves access to surgery, operating room and other resource utilization, and Veteran safety and surgical outcome




Ensure the right test is ordered the first time.

With seamless VistA integration, RadWise, a CMS qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM), provides Veteran-centered care, founded on clinical research. By ensuring a more accurate ordering process, RadWise improves care quality and safety, providing better outcomes for Veterans.

  • Provides a symptom driven single appropriate recommendation

  • Expands Veteran engagement and understanding of the appropriateness of orders

  • Allows providers access to clinical decision support at the point-of-care



For faster, more secure shift changes and safer patients.

Shift changes and patient handoffs happen every day. Unfortunately, so do many preventable errors and inefficiencies, at the expense of your bottom line, and your patients. With PCM, hospitals leverage real-time data and analytics, for greater oversight and more effective, standardized workflows. Providers will save time, reduce medical errors, and ensure every patient receives the care and satisfaction they deserve.

  • Improve Patient Safety

  • Monitor Quality and Performance

  • Maximize Patient Throughput with the Patient Flow Module




Improve access to care and improve SAIL metrics.

Patient Flow Suite empowers hospitals to maximize the number of patients seen per year, per bed, leading to enormous cost savings long term. With greater transparency and maximized capacity utilization, you’ll have more beds and appointments available, and more time for the patients who need it most, including those at a high risk for suicide.   

  • Provides a department/service view of consults, rather than patient-by-patient  

  • Enable real time, virtual, intra & cross discipline collaboration 

  • Automate care transition documentation 

  • Reduce cross enterprise variation in care provision 

  • Automate identification and escalation of scenarios requiring intervention 



Keep immunizations on track and on schedule.

Immunization Dashboard streamlines and simplifies immunization workflows. From the moment you log in, you’re connected to your immunization registry. You’ll know whose vaccines are current and whose are not. Who’s due, who’s overdue, and who is playing catch-up. Everything is captured, scheduled, and reported automatically as you work. All on one screen.

  • Catch-up schedules are created automatically in the event of a missed dosage

  • Connects to multiple registries to retrieve evaluated history and forecast

  • Internally-reconciled forecasting provides the most current patient information and scheduling




Leverage the power of real-time data and process automation to protect high-risk patients.

SPM standardizes workflows and combines data visualization tools and analytics to reduce Veteran suicide prevention care variation and impact Mental Health SAIL metrics.

  • Actively monitor suicide prevention processes, performance and outcomes

  • Automate data capture and reporting to prevent lapses in care 

  • Improve the transparency of the management of high-risk patients across the Enterprise

  • Automate identification and escalation of scenarios requiring intervention 

  • Automate case load reporting and changes over time



Manage your entire eye care workflow in one system.

Eye Care is the 3rd busiest clinical service in the VA, behind Primary Care and Mental Health. myCare iMedicWare is a cloud-based suite of software tools to collect structured eye-care specific data, reduce duplication of care, improve inter-provider communication, and provide Veterans with better access and more effective care management.

  • Increased CPT code capture by 69%

  • Increased MCCR collections

  • Reduction of improper payments

  • One year outpatient diagnostic procedure capture rate increased $8.42 (114%), or over $300K.

  • Patient Safety- identified new patients at high risk for glaucoma for Visual Impairment Prevention Program, Ongoing Evaluations, Medical-Surgical Collaboration Reviews




Currently used by 40 VA facilities nationwide.

VCM automates the entire chemotherapy treatment process, from therapy assignment to dose calculation to documentation of care. Flexible and scalable, our solution leverages a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface to provide the full range of automated chemotherapy administration and advanced safety features required by oncology providers, nurses and pharmacists.

Comprehensive Chemotherapy Solution

  • Integrates with VistA/CPRS

  • Automates dose calculations and modifications

  • Enables treatment plans to be assigned and reviewed electronically

  • Transmits chemotherapy orders without disrupting pharmacy workflows

  • Includes a comprehensive database of standardized chemotherapy regimens

  • Supports treatment plan cancellations

  • Sends drug interaction alerts



Leverage real-time data and automation for superior renal care.

CyberREN is a complete renal care solution that streamlines and simplifies the coordination and management of renal care and dialysis treatments for Veterans. Chronic Kidney Disease, Hemodialysis, and Transplant and Peritoneal Dialysis modules make it easy for users to prepare reports and trend data efficiently, for a complete patient view, and better outcomes.

  • Seamless integration with existing systems

  • Administrative and clinical status alerts

  • Real-time notifications

  • Faster, more accurate documentation



Face2Face MANAGER (F2F)

Empower clinical nurses with physician-written triage decision support .

 Face2Face Manager gives care team members all the tools to provide triage services to Veterans and document the results at the point of care. With decision support for over 800 symptoms and 57 of the top chronic conditions, F2F comes loaded with vital clinical content that is physician-written, evidence-based, and peer-reviewed.   

  • Empowers performance improvement and quality assurance with a reporting tool  

  • Simplifies workflow with direct access to patient scheduling  

  • Calculates 5-level triage class or Emergency Severity Index (ESI)  

  • 25,000 topic clinic discharge instruction system



Precision engagement in healthcare.

In partnership with DSS, Inc., this cross-continuum platform engages patients and families, empower clinicians and deliver better outcomes for Veterans. From inpatient to outpatient to community-based care clinics, we give the right patients the right information, at the right place, at the right time.  

  • getwell Practice 

  • getwell Inpatient 

  • getwell Rounds+ 

  • getwell Loop



Stay on track, and on schedule.

Delayed or misplaced orders can have significant consequences for your bottom line and quality of care. The time you spend sorting through paper records and scrolling through different screens is time you won’t have for patients. 

Cut through the clutter with OTM. Our solution empowers you and your staff to work smarter together, giving everyone the data they need, when they need it, and more time for what matters most.  

  • Real-time order and consult data is presented in one simple interface  

  • A customizable Today Screen filterable with one click  

  • A detailed Metrics Dashboard  

  • Administrators can instantly assess assignments and workload



One solution. One step. One minute. 

Checking every patient for opioid prescriptions can be an exhausting, multi-step process. DSS PDMP streamlines everything into one simple step.  

Users can view a patient’s entire prescription report and log notes with one click in CPRS, saving hundreds of hours in the long run. 

  • Save up to 50% time savings per patient check and required documentation 

  • Streamlines prescriber workflow 

  • Reduces over-prescribing controlled substances 

  • Detects “Doctor shopping” with early response, resulting in preventative measures 

  • Complies with VA Directive 1306, and state-specific prescribing laws




Beyond predictive analytics. 

In partnership with DSS, Inc., the Jvion Cognitive Clinical Success Machine combines Eigenspace and Eigen Sphere technology, providing VA with the tools to improve SAIL metrics and achieve better Veteran outcomes, using fewer clinical and financial resources.  

The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine can be mapped to address numerous SAIL domains, including: 

  • Acute care mortality 

  • Avoidable adverse events 

  • Adjusted length of stay 

  • Performance measures 



Hundreds of time-saving, specialty-specific templates. 

In today’s increasingly value-based healthcare environment, complete and accurate documentation is vital to ensuring the highest quality of patient care. CNT Plus automates clinical note-taking, and empowers providers to save time and produce accurate, consistent, compliant progress notes. 

  • CNT Plus enhances the charting capabilities of CPRS and is fully integrated into the CPRS patient chart and workflow process. 

  • Includes a library of over 200 templates create and in use by VAMC personnel.  

  • Specialty templates help the facility meet JCAHO and CMS standards.




Telephone triage for nurses.

DSS TeleCare Record Manager (TRM) Plus is a HIPAA-compliant, URAC-certified telephone liaison care management solution that provides easy and efficient access to telephone treatment protocols. This solution enhances telephone triage decision-making by helping nurses accurately assess patient symptoms and quickly determine the proper course of action for treatment.  

  • Integrates with VistA and the Triage Expert Dual Purpose (TEDP) solution 

  • Enables the automatic creation of TIU notes in CPRS 

  • Supports call history, management and workload reporting 

  • Provides direct access to patient information in VistA



Healthcare in the palm of your hand.

DIASYST is a mobile application that provides clinical decision support to healthcare providers. Connecting them with diabetic patients in real-time, DIASYST creates a diagnostic feedback loop that improves access to care. 

  • Save at least $800 per patient by lowering a1c by just 1% 

  • Monitor and manage Type 2 Diabetes symptoms 24/7 

  • Access to patient info, medications, labs, demographics 

  • Integrates seamlessly with VistA





Focus on patients, not paperwork.  

A web-based solution, CTM Plus streamlines workflows and provides oversight to resolve consult and Return to Clinic (RTC) tracking pain points, and ensure patients are called and scheduled on time.

  • Provides a department/service view of RTCs

  • Displays and updates consult information in real time

  • Improves patient satisfaction by providing tools to help ensure timely completion of consults



Robust enterprise reporting.  

Data Miner allows users to quickly evaluate quality measures, and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to improve the way you extract data from FileMan. Easily create and share customized Ad hoc reports, schedule reports to generate on your schedule, or save frequently requested reports.  

  • Easy-to-use interface for adding, editing, printing, and searching VistA data 

  • Flexible, extensive reporting capabilities 

  • A robust data grid that allows for additional sorting, grouping, and results filtering




A precision surgery support solution. 

The ForSite2020 Surgery Management Preference Cards module empowers surgical providers to proceed with peace of mind. Reduce unnecessary cancellations and eliminate costly emergency supply orders. Provide care with confidence, knowing your surgical resources are where they should be, when they should be.   

  • Patient card with preferences is created at the time of scheduling   

  • Allows for a separate anesthesia preference card  

  • Interface to VistA materials packages (AEMS/MERS and GIP) for supplies available and location of equipment 



Increase access to care for patients who need it most.

ForSite2020® RMS is a best of breed COTS, resource based, enterprise scheduling system that ensures no scheduling conflicts with staff, rooms, and/or equipment. The scheduling solution meets VA enterprise needs, business requirements, and interfaces with VistA and other identified systems.

  • Voted Best in KLAS for 13 consecutive years 

  • Successfully used at Indianapolis VAMC since 2000 

  • Increases number of scheduled procedures   

  • Reduction in no shows




Streamlining Document Management

DocManager is a robust, enterprise-wide software solution that automates the document management process, from scanning, indexing, storing and sending mission-critical information, to generating reports for system audits and workload analytics. With DocManager you can increase productivity, reduce costs, and consume less paper. 

  • Reduce costs associated with processing, handling, storing and retrieval of documents 

  • Scan approximately nine feet of paper stacks per day, speeding through months or years of paperwork backlog 

  • Customize reports to track quality control and performance 



UDI Tracker streamlines and automates the complex processes associated with tracking tissues and implants for surgical cases.

Purchasing analytics help to reduce cost and waste, for greater overall accountability. Expired and recalled items are also monitored automatically to keep patients safer.

  • Individual sites can save more than $150k annually

  • Fully compliant with the Office of Inspector General and Joint Commission standards

  • Notification of FDA recalls arrive within 24 hours





VistA Service Oriented Architecture (VSOA) is an enterprise-grade server and application development framework that provides flexible and powerful middle-tier “scaffolding” upon which to build any kind of services-based application.  


DSS VistA Gateway

This toolkit allows rich client application developers to retrieve data out of VistA and input data into VistA using well documented VistA RPC Broker calls in a variety of packages. 


DSS Integration Framework

HL7 interface engine that allows for bi-directional data exchange. Integration Framework transmits information from VistA to a COTS application based on HL7 events and allows COTS systems to send HL7 data to VistA.  



Rx-Framework facilitates the fast, secure transmission of patient data to hospital staff, ensuring the right medications are dispensed at the right time.


DSS currently provides nine national products used daily by the VA healthcare facilities, including clinical and administrative solutions proven to improve care quality and delivery for Veterans.  


Above PAR 

Above PAR improves workflow processes dependent on AEMS/MERS, the Generic Inventory Package, and work orders. Above PAR dashboard tools and audit/reporting features enable cost management, auditing and increased reporting efficiency and flexibility.  



APAT is a VistA-integrated software module that fully automates the purchasing workflow from start to finish for departments that procure prosthetics, orthotics, and other sensory aides.  



Caribou automates resident care workflow processes for Community Living Centers through VistA-integration and streamlines MDS care plan scheduling and tracking within an externally hosted environment.  



DRMPlus provides VA dental health care facilities with an intuitive, user-friendly Windows interface for VA Dental providers to manage the dental care workflow in the treatment of eligible Veteran patients.  



EPS is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution that helps streamline inpatient reporting, auditing compliance and coding compliance workflows. 



FBCS Enterprise is a centralized system for guiding decisions about non-VA Purchased care to improve Fee Basis Claims management and adjudication through efficient claims processing. 



ICB is a VistA-integrated insurance capture management system designed to improve the data collection and verification of veterans’ third party insurance information.  



MHS is a comprehensive solution for managing and documenting the care and treatment of mental health patients. 



ROI is a VistA-integrated solution that automates the entire ROI process, from initial request to approval to fulfillment and release.