Breakthrough Insights: Discussions and strategies for meeting healthcare’s shifting demands

With the existing lack of interoperability and data standards added to the numerous regulatory and market changes currently impacting how healthcare is delivered, the entire industry urgently needs a breakthrough. Since seamless information sharing is at the core of achieving optimized outcomes, many healthcare facilities are looking for solutions that help manage health information exchange more efficiently. Whether providers seek new add-on tools or completely overhaul current health information technology (HIT) systems, these organizations need a flexible, reliable and experienced partner to guide the journey.

This is where DSS, Inc., can help.

Our new blog, Breakthrough Insights, will share expert insight into key clinical, financial and administrative matters currently challenging federal, private, public and behavioral healthcare providers alike. We’ll also provide best practices on the value of technology-enabled workflows and explore how they can support timely, quality, patient-centered care—regardless of the setting. Additionally, we’ll discuss top strategies to help facilities:

  • streamline workflows

  • reduce costs

  • manage continuity of care

  • improve patient outcomes

  • meet changing regulatory and reporting requirements

  • enhance satisfaction for patients, staff and providers

Our aim since inception has been to make healthcare systems stronger, faster, better—while helping them achieve desired outcomes. This is still our passion today, and we’re excited about connecting with you on our blog. Check back often to see what breakthrough insights we’ll be sharing next and feel free to share your insights and experiences as well in the comments below or on Twitter (@DSSHealthIT) or LinkedIn.