VistA Support and Integration Expertise – Continued

This is second in a series of blog posts highlighting DSS’s experience and success stories supporting the VA and improving Veteran care and outcomes.

DSS, the premier integrator of commercial software with VistA, enables external vendors to bring new functionality to the VA and veterans.

Our experience in these and other software lifecycle areas has provided a depth of knowledge and understanding of VistA/CPRS rarely found outside of the VA.

In 2008, we built CIS-DataBridge to provide multiple ICU (CIS) and Anesthesia Record Keeper (ARK) vendors a virtually turn-key integration experience with VistA. From CIS-DataBridge, we expanded our HL7 integration toolset to include Integration Framework and Rx Framework. In addition to HL7, we developed tools to provide API access to our partners, first with VistA Gateway and now with DSS VistA Service Oriented Architecture Suite (VSOA). These are just a couple of examples of our long and successful history of HIT support to the VA.

Our applications touch nearly all systems within VistA including Order Entry, Consults, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Dental, TIU, Registration, Scheduling, Surgery, Mental Health, PCE, Clinical Reminders, IFCAP, and Integrated Billing, and many more.

Any VA service provider needs an understanding of the history of VA technology from its growth to the legacy package integrations to the upstream and downstream dependencies. These are critical proficiencies, necessary to avoid delaying contract deliverables and allowing for ongoing support to VHA end users while VA continues to focus on its EHR modernization efforts.

DSS has successfully completed numerous “hard-to-solve” VA innovations such as providing web service access to VistA APIs, enabling VA-cloud-hosted enterprise application reading/writing to every VistA instance. We fully intend to use our solution artifact library to assist with the overall VHA legacy support allowing VA to leverage existing valuable technology resources in their ongoing EHR efforts.

No other VA partner can match our qualifications:

  • Application Developer: 12 National contracts, 70+ applications installed across VA using >2000 custom APIs. First enterprise cloud application to talk bi-directionally with every VistA.

  • Turn-key COTS Integrator: 17 partner integrations through DataBridge and Integration Framework plus integration for all major Pharmacy automation systems through Rx Framework.

  • Highly Sought-After Service Contractor: Clozapine Modernization, Fee 5010, Non-VA Care Coordination, HL7 Message Admin, and many others.

  • Commercial VistA provider: Multiple state-wide installations of vxVistA, enhancements to support Pediatrics, OB/GYN, RxNorm mapping, etc.

The VA’s new electronic health record modernization (EHRM) effort is a massive undertaking that affects the delivery of healthcare to every veteran in this country. The process could take a decade or more. It’s imperative that existing institutional knowledge be leveraged to ensure its success and continue to improve Veteran care during the transition.

DSS is needed now more than ever to support the VA.