HITECH Answers: EHRs and Physician Burnout – We Can Do Better!

The issue of physician burnout has rapidly become front-page news. A big cause for this burnout is the inefficiency of current generation EHRs, and how they disrupt the continuum of care.

Our own Jay Haughton, RN, BBA, and Clinical Solutions Consultant, examines this issue in a recent article published by HITECH Answers. Jay explains why EHRs lay at the heart of why access to medical data trails so badly behind access to other types of data, such as online purchasing information.

“Why can’t patients access their data like they do in other aspects of their lives, like their work or commercial purchases? Why does care break down when patients see multiple doctors and specialists, with no one taking a holistic view of the continuum of care? It’s because first generation of electronic health record (EHR) technology was not designed for healthcare processes. First-generation EHRs simply took inefficient paper processes and digitized them.”

It's as if the software revolution of the past 20 years has left medicine untouched. Thankfully there is hope on the horizon. The key to the solution is streamlining medical workflows. Repetitive standardization becomes a thing of the past when clinicians are involved in designing better EHR technology. One such next-generation EHR is Juno EHR from DSS.

Juno EHR addresses current shortcomings with user-friendly capabilities that expand well beyond those from legacy EHRs in the marketplace. It was created to help providers overcome these common challenges, and perform at their best, which ultimately results in better patient outcomes.

Juno EHR cares about what providers need, and it delivers a better user experience to meet the current and future needs of Acute Care, Behavioral Health, and Public Health.

Juno EHR also works with new cloud-based infrastructure that allows the new generation of EHRs to be more scalable and portable. This gives patients easier access to their data, less frustration and burnout for doctors and better care delivery overall.

Read Jay's full article here. And to learn more about Juno EHR, please click here.

Ryan Pfister