Juno EHR: Caring for the Provider, So the Patient Can Benefit

New EHR to Officially Launch at HIMSS 2019

The next generation of electronic health records (EHRs) is almost here. Juno EHR solution will be officially launched at the upcoming HIMSS 2019 conference, booth number 5559. Juno is designed to empower care providers to perform at their best, for better patient outcomes.

Current EHR solutions create a barrier between providers and patients, frustrating providers and taking time away from patients. In fact, EHR usability challenges can pose a threat to patient safety. This was demonstrated by a recent Health Affairs study. The study demonstrated usability issues including system feedback, visual display, data entry, and workflow support problems.

Juno addresses these issues with user-friendly capabilities that expand well beyond those from the larger EHRs in the marketplace. It was created to help providers overcome these common challenges, and perform at their best, which ultimately results in better patient outcomes.

Juno cares about what providers need, and delivers a better user experience to meet the current and future needs of Acute Care, Behavioral Health, and Public Health. The Juno solution addresses Patient Access and Engagement, core clinical processes with Flowsheets, Surgical Management, Immunization Management, Pharmacy, Imaging, Laboratory integration, Emergency Department, Urgent Care and owned ambulatory clinics.

These are the core benefits of Juno:

·       Technology - Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Juno provides a scalable and portable solution that meets your needs today, with plenty of room to grow in the future. Juno’s cloud-based infrastructure keeps your data secure and up- to-date.

·       Flexibility - Juno is designed to meet regulatory requirements and certification standards but also allows you to create additional fields to meet the unique needs of your workflow. Users can define and link fields to code sets to stay current with ever changing regulatory requirements and advancements in healthcare information technology.

·       Usability - Juno’s Thoughtful User Interface makes key clinical data easily available by streamlining workflows and navigation with fewer clicks and a common patient banner, empowering providers to focus on the work that matters most.

·       Value - Juno’s open architecture provides greater value – including all implementation and support costs – without sacrificing functionality. Juno is designed to be deployed in a cloud-based infrastructure or on-premise to meet the needs of your organization.

DSS has enhanced Juno EHR technology through acquisitions and partnerships. In January DSS purchased the Emergency Department Information System software from veEDIS Clinical Systems. veEDIS combines real emergency department experience with advanced technology to provide software that assists in meeting quality patient care and safety goals. And DSS also announced a partnership with Intelichart, a leading provider of patient engagement and population health software solutions.

Through the partnership agreement, Intelichart’s PatientPORTAL solution is now integrated into Juno EHR. The PatientPORTAL is 2015 MU3 Certified, and meets all MIPS requirements. It integrates and aggregates data into a clinical registry, allowing patients to access all of their data in a single portal.

These moves, and DSS’s legacy of IT healthcare support, are what set Juno EHR apart from existing solutions. We know and care about what providers need to make their jobs easier. For healthcare organizations looking to improve clinical quality and outcomes with a modern technology solution, designed for scalability, interoperability, and innovation, Juno EHR is here.

To learn more about Juno EHR, visit https://junocares.com.

Ryan Pfister