The use of paper-based scheduling systems to confirm appointments across locations, verify insurance eligibility and register patients is no longer a viable option for busy healthcare facilities coping on a daily basis with heavy patient loads. ForSite2020® maximizes administrative efficiencies by automating the patient scheduling process.

Developed in conjunction with our partners at Streamline ForSite2020® is a robust, user-friendly scheduling software solution that enables front office staff to manage and track patient appointments electronically. The solution, which integrates with VistA and non-VistA EHR systems, facilitates quick patient scheduling across VA medical centers, clinics, facilities and external healthcare organizations.

ForSite2020® includes the following components:

  • Resource Management System for VistA
  • Resource Management System: Enterprise-wide Scheduling for VistA
  • Analytics for VistA
  • Consumer Access and Scheduling for Healthcare for VistA
  • Physician Order Collection and Enterprise Tracking for VistA

Designed to streamline processes to expedite patient access to healthcare services, ForSite2020® increases productivity, resource utilization and patient and staff satisfaction.

ForSite2020® Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Apply sophisticated rules-based applications for conflict-free appointment scheduling
  • Send automated electronic appointment reminders to eliminate no-shows
  • Customize patient and provider portals
  • Coordinate care across multiple facilities
  • Generate custom reports
  • Leverage business analytics to gain operational insight

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