Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS)

For organizations leveraging the right technology, the management and adjudication of fee basis claims isn’t a complicated or time-consuming task. Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS) streamlines the processing of VA claims and provides strategic insight that can help guide decisions related to the delivery of non-VA care.

FBCS is a powerful software solution that simplifies the administration and tracking of claims. Recent upgrades to the application centralizes data and further automates the adjudication process. The new browser-based version of the application suite complies with VA Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA) as well as VA future-state design patterns and is scalable to support current and expected increases in claims processing workload.

Centralized FBCS Upgrade Capabilities

  • Automated processes reduce the time to intake claims by over 90 percent
  • 90% reduction in IT costs with a fully browser-based interface
  • 80% reduction in staff login times via Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • 30% reduction in claims processing costs with rules-based auto-adjudication
  • Centralization of access, storage, and reporting of data
  • Single point of entry for all VA staff
  • Instant, organization-wide visibility to stakeholders via dashboard metrics of national data
  • Standardization of processes through user-configurable rules, policies and settings

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