Intake or discharge patients. Document all clinical care. Place orders. Track and reassess medications.

Designed by experienced emergency department and urgent care professionals, Juno Urgent Care empowers you to elevate care quality and achieve better patient outcomes. Leveraging real-time data, Juno Urgent Care provides clear practice management oversight, with rich reporting, showing how your facility is trending, and where things could improve. Everything is stored in the cloud and accessible via web-connected devices.  



Juno Urgent Care Features

  • Improve operation of the urgent care practice 

  • Monitor practice performance and patient experience 

  • Complete seamless patient registration 

  • Established content-driven documentation 

  • Insurance eligibility verification  

  • Intelligent ordering and order tracking 

  • Charge calculation and revenue collection 

  • Financial management reporting 

  • Generate prescriptions with one click 

  • Efficient patient scheduling 

  • Built-in ICD-10 coding