Open Source Development

In 2004, DSS recognized the industry’s need for a VistA-based solution that could be customized to meet the unique workflow requirements and preferences of non-VA healthcare organizations. This realization led to our development of vxVistA, an open source EHR solution designed to give state and local hospitals, in addition to private hospitals, medical centers and clinics, access to technology based on the VA’s groundbreaking VistA architecture.

Because vxVistA is an open source product licensed under the Eclipse Public License, the system can be safely integrated with best-of-breed and legacy systems – whether they are open source or proprietary platforms. We have leveraged our extensive VistA experience to further enhance vxVistA and other open source development projects.

Our Open Source Development Services at a Glance

  • We work with numerous partners in both the open source and commercial community to interface/integrate best-of-breed systems and develop new modules.
  •, our community-driven website, promotes the use and knowledge of the industry’s most widely deployed and trusted open source EHR system.
  • We promote open standards and interoperability among healthcare systems and moderate open source forums that feature best practice discussions and posts by industry thought leaders.
  • Through our responsive technical support, we help customers maximize the value of their EHR technology.

Learn more about vxVistA, including open source and proprietary extensions for enhanced functionality.