Mobile Development

DSS develops innovative mobile applications that deliver vital patient information to providers when and where they need it. Our mobile development team leverages best-in-class technologies to create applications that enable providers to access and update patient data stored in VistA/CPRS from their mobile device, including TIU notes, orders and patient assessments.

Leveraging stylus-based user interfaces, the DSS mobile development team continues to lead the way in the industry with innovative technologies that meet the highest safety and security standards.

Our Mobile Development Services at a Glance

  • Home-Based Mobile Nursing System (HB Mobile): Enables home-based primary care nurses to automatically download patient data to mobile devices using VistA published RPC Broker calls.
  • ER Mobile: A VistA integrated extension for mobile devices that enables Emergency Department triage decision support to enhance workflow efficiencies, care quality and patient throughput.