EHR Integration

DSS EHR integration methodologies combine gold standard, iterative approaches with a prioritized list of big business requirements. We consider the agile development methodology essential to successful integration. DSS has already leveraged this methodology to integrate over 350 proprietary, open source and third-party healthcare software solutions.

Our proven integration approach applies multiple small releases and regular input from users to deliver solutions that support the unique functionality and workflows of our customers.

Our EHR Integration Services at a Glance

Through our EHR integration services, we:

  • Work closely with users to refine objectives and develop concrete requirements
  • Identify the specific requirements of the customer while keeping the needs of the overall healthcare community in mind
  • Approach complex project solutions utilizing iterative improvements to deliver user-facing enhancements

To further assist our partners and customers in achieving their integration goals, we have developed the following integration toolkits: