VIP & ProPath

DSS implements methodologies to support the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veterans-focused Integration Process (VIP) framework. We currently produce ProPath (the VA’s Process Asset library) documentation for our proprietary solutions, as well as for our VA service contracts.

Our project managers’ extensive experience in VIP and ProPath processes and documentation enable customers to spend less time and resources editing and reviewing documents. The nuances of VIP and ProPath can significantly impact project schedules and budgets, but our proven approach keeps projects on track and on budget.We release Class I packages to the VA for multiple applications, including our Mental Health Suite. We are highly knowledgeable in the ProPath quality gates required to install, test and release a national package, including:

  • Active state approval
  • Test readiness review (TRR) approval
  • IOC (UAT/Alpha/Beta site) testing approval
  • Production release approval

DSS project management teams strictly adhere to the ProPath Project Planning (PRP) Project Lifecycle Process and VIP Implementation and Migration Guidelines. We facilitate resource management, as well as control and process optimization, while completing component development and integration, data migration and testing against defined evaluation criteria.