VistA Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite

Meeting the healthcare industry’s goal of achieving interoperability and integration requires an agile system capable of deploying new applications without disruption. This is possible with VistA SOA Suite, a robust, enterprise-wide software solution that supports and enhances new and older graphical user interface (GUI) applications.

VistA SOA Suite provides a real-time, bidirectional data and services platform for building and deploying applications with zero downtime; additionally, the solution facilitates legacy system integration while honoring existing business rules.

Designed to streamline efficiencies and reduce costs, VistA SOA delivers strong versioning and native platform support for “intercept and act” HL7 processes across the enterprise.

VistA SOA Suite Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Access patient records quickly in real-time
  • Exchange data seamlessly with external medical facilities and providers
  • Implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) components across VistA and network-enabled systems

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