Medication errors have long been identified as a primary source of preventable mistakes made in healthcare. DSS helps providers prevent medication errors with Rx-Framework, a vendor-agnostic solution that integrates seamlessly with VistA and streamlines pharmacy workflows to help VA facilities achieve national patient safety goals related to medication management.

The solution enables VA facilities to easily manage four key automated medication dispensing transactions:

  • Inpatient demographic data collection
  • Outpatient demographic data collection for patients entered via the VistA scheduling or VistA surgical solution
  • Unit dose, IV and inpatient medication for outpatient (IMO) orders
  • Automated dispensing system connectivity, including the ability to transmit cart fill/pick list fill requests, pre-exchange fill requests, missed doses and on-demand orders

Designed to reduce prescribing errors and ensure national patient safety goals can be met, Rx-Framework facilitates the fast and secure transmission of patient data to hospital staff so the right medications are dispensed at the right time.

Rx-Framework Key Benefits at a Glance

DSS Rx-Framework enables users to:

  • Manage automated dispensing transactions
  • Eliminate configuration issues resulting from updating VistA pharmacy patches
  • Comply with VA data-transmission standards
  • Leverage robust communications
  • Avoid lost and missed orders
  • Ensure patient safety

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