Integration Toolkits

Because of the size and complexity of legacy technology, system integration can be a technical and financial challenge for government organizations seeking upgraded healthcare solutions. DSS Integration Tools make it possible to integrate best-of-breed commercial healthcare solutions with a best of suite VistA-based EHR.

Designed to help medical facilities achieve interoperability in a cost-efficient and timely manner, DSS Integration Toolkits include:
  • Integration Framework: The DSS Integration Framework allows customers a choice when selecting products for their VistA-based EHR.  As a standards-based framework, it supports integration on a distributed network without the superfluous layering in typical tiered architectures and without customized interface development.
  • VistA Gateway: The DSS VistA Gateway is a powerful software solution that enables developers to integrate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications seamlessly with VistA technology. The VistA Gateway leverages programming properties and methodologies to give developers direct connectivity to the VistA database, as well as capabilities for importing and exporting data in strict adherence to VHA Business Rules and Practices.
  • VistA Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite: VistA SOA Suite is an enterprise-grade server and application development framework that provides a flexible platform for integrating third-party applications across multiple VistA systems and network-enabled devices.
  • Rx-Framework: The DSS Rx-Framework manages four types of automated dispensing transaction and enables VA medical facilities to pull and transmit data from VistA to pharmacy hardware. Through this consolidated approach, the VA can streamline pharmacy workflows and comply with national patient safety goals.

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