Integrated Open Source Products

DSS Integrated Open Source Platform

The adoption of electronic health record (EHR) technology is a cost-prohibitive venture for many non-VA hospitals and providers. That’s why DSS offers Integrated Open Source Solutions to allow healthcare organizations large and small to take advantage of cost-effective, best-in-class open source healthcare solutions.

A complete EHR system based on the groundbreaking Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA), vxVistA is an affordable alternative to more costly commercial EHR technology.

vxVistA is built around a core set of seven Meaningful Use- and Drummond-certified applications and includes the following components:

  • vxComputerized Patient Record System (vxCPRS)
  • vxInpatient Pharmacy
  • vxOutpatient Pharmacy
  • vxLaboratory
  • vxBar Code Medication Administration (vxBCMA)
  • vxGroup Notes
  • vxVitals Lite

vxVistA also integrates with value-added applications designed to support the full range of clinical, administrative and financial workflows of healthcare organizations.