VA Handoff Training Program powered by I-PASS

The VA Handoff Training Program (HTP) is a handoff communications standardization intervention specifically for the Veterans Health Administration (VA).   The VA HTP is powered by I-PASS, an evidence-based standardized approach to teaching, evaluating, and improving handoffs.

Key findings of the 2014 Prospective, Multicenter I-PASS Study published in the New England Journal of Medicine:

  • 23% reduction in medical error rates
  • 30% reduction in preventable adverse events
  • No change in time spent with patients families, or on computers
DSS Inc. and Brain Trust Advisors, LLC have partnered with the actual I-PASS Study investigators to bring mentored implementations of I-PASS to the VA as the HTP.  This allows the VA to leverage the deep experience of the I-PASS team which has implemented I-PASS across a multitude of facility types and healthcare disciplines.

Handoff Communications Standardization Benefits

  • Fewer medical errors and adverse events
  • Reduction or elimination of handoff communication failures
  • Decreased facility-wide handoff process variation
  • Unified handoff training process and curriculum
  • Improved, consistent quality

EHR Integrated Handoff Standardization Technology Platform | Patient Case Manager

DSS also offers a robust and hospital information system integrated handoff standardization platform, the Iconic Data Patient Case Manager (PCM). PCM implements I-PASS and automates reporting, surveillance and monitoring of handoff compliance and documentation.