Touch Screen Assessment System (TSAS)

Healthcare technology designed specifically to engage patients is critical for ensuring mental health populations receive the best possible care. DSS Touch Screen Assessment System (TSAS) for mental health streamlines the delivery of care to mental health patients by leveraging a secure, easy-to-use mobile platform. The solution enables patients to quickly and easily complete provider-ordered self-assessments via touch screen and multimedia technology.

TSAS for mental health allows patients to privately track their treatment progress and receive educational material through a patient portal and is compatible with more than 500 assistive screen reading applications.

TSAS Benefits at a Glance

  • Enables all patients, including those with reading comprehension limitations, to self-administer clinical assessments
  • Captures critical information that helps providers make more informed clinical decisions
  • Improves throughput since patients can take assessments while waiting to see providers
  • Delivers consistent context-rich information in an easy-to-use print and audio format
  • Integrates with CPRS/VistA to expedite feedback and improve treatment efficiency

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