Iconic Data Patient Case Manager™

Real Time Analytics, Patient Flow Optimization, and Virtual Care Coordination Platform

The Iconic Data Inc. Patient Case Manager (PCM)TM helps healthcare provider organizations deliver highly reliable care via standardized workflows, data visualization tools and analytics that together lead to reduced care variation and the ability to continuously monitor processes, performance and outcomes.

The Iconic Data PCM™ Modules Include:

The Iconic Data PCM™ platform enables healthcare provider organizations to:

Improve Patient Safety

  • Prevent communication failures and medical errors
  • Enable real time, virtual, intra & cross-discipline collaboration
  • Improve care transition documentation
  • Ensure timely, appropriate care for patients at high risk for suicide

Monitor Quality and Performance

  • Effortlessly monitor key facility operations and quality metrics
  • Automate data capture/reporting
  • Drive improved SAIL metric performance
  • Monitor suicide prevention documentation and follow up compliance

Maximize Patient Throughput

  • Decrease delays in admissions, transfers, and discharges
  • Reduce ED wait times
  • Improve discharge planning
  • Better manage length of stay

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