Patient Case Manager (PCM)

With frequent clinician shift changes and patient transitions internally and externally, there is increased potential for preventable medical errors and inefficient, time-consuming processes. With DSS Patient Case Manager (PCM), we help minimize these negative effects of shift changes and care transitions.

Combined with the foundational expertise of Iconic Data, this VistA-based, physician-centric solution helps providers efficiently manage patient census and structured shift-changes/sign-outs. PCM integrates seamlessly with CPRS and VistA for interoperability across the care continuum. It also offers real-time notifications, as well as administrative and clinical alerts so physicians are always kept up to date with the most critical patient information.

Patient Case Manager Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Improves care coordination and medical error prevention
  • Increases physician productivity and patient outcomes
  • Enables better prevention of Thromboemblic events (DVT and PE)
  • Enhances provider and staff awareness with automated data capture and reporting
  • Strengthens HIPAA breach risk mitigation
  • Decreases charge leakage and revenue cycle time

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