Patient Case Manager (PCM)

With frequent clinician shift changes and patient transitions internally and externally, there is increased potential for preventable medical errors and inefficient, time-consuming processes. With DSS Patient Case Manager (PCM), we help minimize these negative effects of shift changes and care transitions.

Combined with the foundational expertise of Iconic Data, this physician-centric solution helps providers efficiently manage patient census and structured shift-changes/sign-outs. PCM integrates seamlessly with Federal HIT platforms to enable interoperability across the care continuum. It also offers real-time notifications, as well as administrative and clinical alerts so physicians are always kept up to date with the most critical patient information.

Patient Case Manager Key Benefits at a Glance Suicide Prevention Module Key Benefits as a Glance

  • Improves care coordination and medical error prevention
  • Increases physician productivity and patient outcomes
  • Enables better prevention of Thromboemblic events (DVT and PE)
  • Enhances provider and staff awareness with automated data capture and reporting
  • Strengthens HIPAA breach risk mitigation
  • Decreases charge leakage and revenue cycle time

Because patient care is within our highlighted solutions, we launched a new module: Suicide Prevention Module. The VA estimates 20 Veterans die from suicide each day and we strive to prevent this. The new Iconic Data Suicide Prevention Module seamlessly integrates with Iconic Data’s Patient Case Manager, a care coordination platform that injects real time data into key physician, nursing and bed management workflows helping healthcare provider organizations improve the quality of care, increase situational awareness and optimize hospital throughput.

Suicide Prevention Module Key Benefits as a Glance

  • Helps collaborate and manage key workflows used by health care provider organizations (VA).
  • Increases identification of potential suicide risk patients
  • Provides medical care, services and follow up.

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