Improve outcomes for diabetic veterans with DIASYST.

Based on clinical research out of the Atlanta VA, DIASYST is a tele-health, VistA-integrated chronic care delivery platform that offers providers timely intervention recommendations in response to the ever-shifting demands of their patients’ condition. Currently focused on type 2 diabetes, DIASYST’s approach to clinical decision support involves a real-time diagnostic feedback loop between the patient and provider that results in far fewer complications for the patient and significant time and cost savings for the provider.

The DIASYST platform consists of three interacting components:

  • A smartphone app for patients – Tracks and communicates the patient’s recorded clinical data.
  • A cloud-based rules engine – Analyzes patient data 24/7 and produces intervention recommendations.
  • A web-based patient management dashboard for providers – Providers review, accept or modify recommendations before sending on to patients.

Experience the Benefits of DIASYST

  • Empower care teams with advanced endocrinology care capability
  • Can be configured with the current formulary
  • Monitor and manage patient type 2 diabetes symptoms 24/7
  • Maintain patient glucose levels at goal
  • Prevent patient hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic events
  • Dramatically reduce the onset of diabetes complications
  • Make significant cost savings per patient per year by lowering A1c
  • Increase provider diabetic patient capacity
  • Easily manage complex cases, such as patients on six medications

DIASYST Functionality at a Glance

  • Fully integrated with VA’s health information system
  • Direct access to patient information, labs, medications
  • Patients most in need of attention flagged for immediate action
  • Alerts for dangerous patient glucose levels
  • Notes summarizing treatment actions automatically generated and updated in VistA
  • Direct communication with patients when necessary
  • Patient adherence indicator
  • Mobile patient applications available on Apple and Android Devices (i0S9+, Android 4.4+)

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