Data Miner

DSS Data Miner improves workflow by enabling health care providers, administrative staff, IT and Managerial Cost Accounting and Analytics staff to quickly evaluate quality measures via robust enterprise reporting. DSS Data Miner is a VistA Integrated module that improves the way users extract data from FileMan. Users can easily create and share custom built Ad hoc reports, schedule reports to be generated for any time frame,as well as, save frequently requested reports.

Experience the Benefits of Data Miner

  • Easily Create and Customize Reports
  • Schedule Monthly, Weekly and Daily Reports
  • Customize Permission Controls
  • Export data to Excel, PDF or Print
  • Produce most reports as 1 page

Functionality at a Glance

  • Easy to use interface for adding, editing, printing, and searching VistA data
  • Creating reports is very user friendly, as the user does not have to know how FileMan works (i.e. no need to know specific file and field numbers)
  • Parameter settings make it simple to prioritize order of data elements
  • Create reports that can be marked as public or private to limit access
  • Flexible, extensive reporting capabilities
  • Scrollable onscreen output of any report (Browser device)
  • Export tools for outside applications such as PC spreadsheets and databases
  • Allows the user to save the report parameters created to run at future times
  • Introduces a robust data grid that allows for additional sorting, grouping, and filtering after results are rendered to the user
  • Allows scheduling of reports during non-peak hours to not disrupt other mission critical data processing within VistA.

Contact DSS at 561.284.7000 or email to arrange for a custom demonstration at your convenience.