Community Care Coordination (C3)

Community Care Coordination (C3) makes it easy to meet new Community Care coordination regulations by providing an automated workflow management process for Veterans that receive care in the community. C3 streamlines workflows and provides the tools for tracking and management of:

  • Consult/Referral Management
  • Choice List Process (link to VC Viewer)
  • Link to Third Party Administrator (TPA) portals (TriWest or HealthNet)
  • Automated interface with Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS) to send required authorization information
  • Correspondence package creation that can easily be sent to Vendors and Veterans

Experience the Benefits of C3

  • Workflow tool to streamline C3 process that starts with Consult Management
  • Easily consolidate documentation to send to community providers (letters, medical records, authorization)
  • Seamless communication to the FBCS software for Authorization information sharing
  • Data sharing to ROI software to automatically populate and track when information is released to community providers
  • Dashboard tools and reporting

Functionality at a Glance

  • Consolidates multiple pieces of information into one screen, which would usually require multiple VistA and CPRS windows open. (Consults, Eligibility information, Medical Records, TPA Portal access, etc.)
  • Letter writer features allows user to easily choose and incorporate necessary medical record data into the letter to create the documentation package to be sent to community provider.
  • Manage and perform actions on consults/referrals
  • Facilitate upload of documents to the Third Party Administrator (TPA) portals

Contact DSS at 561.284.7000 or email to arrange for a custom demonstration at your convenience.