Federal Healthcare

DSS Market Expertise: Federal Healthcare

Federal healthcare, comprised largely of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Defense (DoD) and Indian Health Services (IHS), is engaged in several initiatives designed to enhance healthcare delivery for its patient population. To do this, the federal government has committed resources to achieving interoperability across systems to better deliver patient care throughout the continuum.

The VA continues to improve upon its groundbreaking EHR, VistA, which comprises hundreds of integrated software modules for managing clinical care, administrative processes and financial workflows. While the Defense Health Information Technology Services (DHITS) Generation I initiative aims to enhance integrated delivery of healthcare services.

Achieving interoperability on this scale requires the deployment of a robust, scalable EHR in partnership with a vendor highly experienced with system integration, VistA and open source EHR Technology.

DSS is the premier integrator of commercial software within the VistA system, and is leader in the development and integration of open source EHR technology. Working closely with the VA, the company has developed and integrated more than 350 programs. DSS brings broad experience in the development, integration, testing, deployment, implementation and project management of VistA integrated applications – unmatched to others in the industry.

Our hybrid solution, vxVistA, meets DHITS Generation 1 requirements and provides a low-risk, cost-effective EHR technology that can support data sharing between the federal healthcare organizations.