DSS Dental Record Manager Plus

The DSS Dental Record Manager Plus™ is an enhanced version of the original Dental Record Manager. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) system that communicates with the Veterans Administration’s VistA system, allowing single point data entry of patient dental information.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous creation of Patient Care Encounter (PCE) and Dental Encounter System (DES) data.
  • Automatic generation of Text Integration Utility (TIU) notes, if selected, for patient encounters utilizing DSS' Clinical Note Templates
  • Mapping of CDT codes to default diagnosis codes
  • Creates and maintains a VistA Dental Encounter history file
  • Displays most patient data in a graphical picture of the patient's mouths.
  • Provides Online Help
  • Enhanced tools for the efficient finalization of Progress Notes.


  • Creation of patient Visits and Dental Encounters
  • Retrieval of Clinical Records (Problems, Medications, Vital Signs, Consults, etc…)
  • Customized efficiency tools, including a Quick List of commonly used CDT and CPT codes, Speed Codes for entering multiple codes in a single process and Code linking to associate codes commonly entered together.
  • Entering of Diagnostic Findings including periodontal conditions, Treatment Plan procedures including sequencing, Head & Neck findings, and general patient and tooth specific notes.


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